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2023 Mint Festival 3 on 3 (GAME TIMES WILL LIKELY CHANGE)

Saturday, August 12th at the St. Johns Middle School 

  • Parking is at St. Johns Middle School when you enter. Parking is not free.

  • We will pause games for Grand Mint Parade

  • You must bring a signed waiver form for each player to registration. Adults must sign, and a parent must sign for players under 18.


Mint City Shootout 3 on 3 Basketball Rules


  • Game time is forfeit time, pay attention to your bracket.

  • Teams consist of 3 players with one sub allowed.

  • Substitutions can be made at any time that play is stopped.

  • There will be a coin toss, Rock/Paper/Scissors or any other justifiable alternative to figure out who is going to get the ball first.

  • The games will be played half court to 21, win by 2. With a hard 25-minute time limit.

  • In the event of a tie at the time limit, next basket wins and the win by 2 rule does not apply.

  • 1 point will be awarded for each basket scored from within the 3-point arc. Shots from behind the 3-point arc will count as 2.

  • The ball changes possession each time, there is no straits or makes it take it.

  • Jump balls and held-balls will be awarded to defense.

  • If the opposite team shoots the ball and it does not go in and the other team receives the rebound they must take the ball back to past the three-point line but they do not have to pass the ball back in.

  • After a basket, out- of- bounds, violation, or foul, the offense must “check” the ball with their opponent before play resumes and the ball must be passed to start play.

  • Whenever there is a foul called the ball will be given to the opposite team. There are also no free throws.

  • Either team can call a foul. There will be no rule on making the offense call it or the defense. Whoever feels like they either got fouled or did the fouling will be free to call the foul. No team members or spectators can make the call if they were not either the fouler or foulee.

  • One (1) 30 second timeout per team per game. Clock does not stop.

  • A score sheet must be filled out and returned to the registration table at the conclusion of each game.


  • Profanity is not allowed. (This is a family friendly event)

  • A Player may be removed from a game without warning if the player is behaving inappropriately. We will have 0 TOLERANCE for unnecessary contact and profanity.

  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!


*While we will do our best to have as many volunteers as possible, Officials will NOT be guaranteed for any game. Thus, each team will be governing their own games. Attention to etiquette, fair play, and ultimate adherence to the aforementioned policies and overall rules of the game of basketball must be upheld by all participants at all times.

Thanks to our sponsor

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